Gloss Lamination

It is definitely the high impact option. Gloss lamination forms a protective coating over the print which makes it suitable for prolonged use.

Matt Lamination

First impressions mean everything: A touch of luxury and style. Good platform for glossy UV varnish and hot foil stamping

Spot UV Varnish

Create a striking first impression on your bags using all varnish types: matt, glossy, brocade.

Silver Hot Foil

Stand out from the crowd with this distinctive and eye-catching silver appeal. Available also in some other main colors: black, white, red, blue.

Gold Hot Foil

Adding gold foil consumers perceives a higher value and quality of your product.Also available in some other main colors: black, white, red, blue.

Relief Embossing

Enhance and personalize your bag for a greater impact. Can be used over printing or alone.


Refine your product hiding the ends of the ribbons.


The most common rope finish on the upper inside of the bags. Especially preferable for bags used for clothes or delicate materials.


Good addition to silver and gold hot foil stamping. Adds distinctive look and enhance the final appearance. Available in 4 and 5,5 mm diameter, iron nickel and brass plated.


Made of polypropylene material in 6mm diameter we offer 14 different rope colours. Arranged here from left to right as follows: black, silver, white, yellow, red, gold, beige, light green, dark green, bordeaux, pink, light purple, dark blue, royal blue.

Grosgrain Ribbons

Double sided satin grosgrain ribbons again in 20mm width. Available in black and white.

Cotton Ropes

To your attention here we present 18 different rope colours. Made of cotton threads and in 6mm diameter. Following the rainbow from left to right: black, dark gray, light gray, white, light yellow, yellow, orange, beige, brown, bordeaux, red, light green, dark green, magenta, pink, dark blue, royal blue, turquoise.

Satin Ribbons

Double sided satin ribbons in 20mm width. Available in 27 different colours.